Old Factory Living

by Arvid

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Old Factory Living is the first album released by Arvid and was recorded on cassette between October 2013 and May 2014.


released May 4, 2014

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Arvid Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Phantoms Of The Night
phantoms of the night
which propel you and keep your spine upright
to say which wrong is right
i slouched without a fight
with phantoms of the night

ordinary fears
measured crudely by simple quiet ears
i drank another beer
so passed another year
with ordinary fears

waiting for sustain
paddling softly like droplets from the drain
i heard about your pain
while standing for the train
waiting for sustain

and phantoms of the night
i'd compel you but that would not be right
such a shameful frigid sight
expect the pending bite
with phantoms
Track Name: Newton Vowels
i don't want to bother
or simulate your father
i don't have a gas when the paper's all torn
wrap it up in dust
seek your tractor's musk
bleeding in the ruck i spelled it r-u-c-k

i should know
the wander singing underclinging path you know
is outright crooked
i should know
the wander singing underclinging path you know
is always crooked

she paid the actors
her feeling's not a factor
i'm overreacting when i beat the sun down
i don't want to bother
or give it to another
call me in the middle of your righteous protest

problems that will render
every passing vender
effigy surrender like i burned it okay
massive appalachian
bleeding with the nation
value education like it's necessary
Track Name: Pepper and Salt
pepper and salt
you call it a voice i call it a cult
i found a picture in the vault depicting you and me
i've got lots of friends that are making amends with the fuzzy peach tree

pepper and salt
please read the book walk by default
don't take a drive through 95 with that lens
you've got a monotonic way of believing
you and all of your friends

it's sort of like a running joke
i can't even have a smoke
there's a runaway on the freeway lifting up both his hands
i told you it's a reason but you'll never understand
but that's alright

pepper and salt
cease the momentum with a halt
it's not my fault so don't insult me with that tone
i hope these memories stick around
they're all i've got on my own

pepper and salt
i must implore it's not my fault
i can't decide which one is which or why i'm down
it's something crazy an idea to me
why you keep me around

i thought about it for a few days
the fire that the griddle displays
i'm left in good company by the smoke that ascends
there's more to this than what i see or what i can comprehend
but that's alright with me
Track Name: The Promised Arbitrary Vector Control
just when the arrow'd hit you and you spent your time alone
just when i'd thought i'd quit you and the cattle had wandered home
just when you felt the inward pull that kept your life from becoming dull
the promised arbitrary vector control

you'll flock your knives to the bottom
overcast aside from the wave that brings you down
you won't feel your mind until you've got it
Track Name: Mountain
there's a station not far from here
i think i'll buy a pack of smokes
and whisper in somebody's ear
let's pack up our shit and go
i got a mountain
let's climb a mountain
ascend up the mountain in my brain
and in my pocket
i got the compass
that's gonna take me where the cloud's full of rain

i don't got time
to choose this way or that
so i'm gonna shut the fuck up and go
i'll spend another night
with my mouth on the bottle
oozing words i'm barely choosing to throw
i got a mountain
let's climb a mountain
let's walk till our legs bend askew
i heard some words that
somebody told me
that i'll never have the nerve to ask you

now i'm wandering
atop a peak
and the motion of the ground makes me ill
so now i'm picking
among the abscess
of which perversion i should choose to distill

atop a mountain
let's climb a mountain
and plunge into the distance below
somebody heard me
forget the answer
because now i think i'm taking it slow
Track Name: Stage Fright
when you see me walking down your neighborhood
did you ever seem to see what you've done to me
i would ask you for the time and spare some change
but i've seen two faces and the better one of each

one day you know i'll mask the smell again
and some day i'll buy myself another pen
some say that i'm a fool for thinking of you
in some ways i think i'm pulling myself through
one day the words will whistle you to sleep
some day your skin will dry before you weep
i just pray for thoughts to show themselves to me
to cure my own stage fright

another dance another song another time and place
another way to sing the same sweet songs once again
yo dude man i need a plan you know i'm way too high
i hear the ocean sounding tides that wash overhead

i'll wait another week or two to find it
but i've bathed in words so cold they leave me blinded
and i'm losing touch with sounds that once were sweet
i once was proud to stand on both my feet
there are words you know that only go so far
i used the wrong kind of gas to fill your car
this aint neither a case of fight or flight
just some more of that stage fright
Track Name: Stimulus Response
i walk away
you draw the line
i walk away you draw the line
that's the way it's been for the longest time

so take the backroad
to the shelter
i don't know where i'm bound to go
but wherever i go i know i'll need some clothes

i fall behind
you're up ahead
that's the way it's been now the way it is
and the way it's always gonna have to be

no time to talk
i know you're the one
When all's said and done, you had a lot of fun
and your eyes rolled back when you tasted the sun
Track Name: Wasted
she found the sunlight
splitting through the blindfold far too early
and i've been walking
for weeks with no apparent end in sight

on this occasion
tucked in the pocket
behind the wallet
before the lighter
i took the money
you kept the gold
now it's been wasted
or so i'm told

no time for mercy
sitting in a chair upon the carpet
the magic eight ball
shook me as it spoke in different keys

so many questions
yet to be answered
is this the impasse
or a mirage
the time spent walking
has left me old
now it's been wasted
or so i'm told
Track Name: Ribbons For Branches
find me a totem
from which i might sanction
a common reaction
from words that aren't there
that once would unfold
in the dead of the night
when my heroes were told
to unveil every spectrum
caught stuck between posts
erected in malice
intentionally sold

no buses for strangers
no wick for no flame
no moments of danger
no feelings too tame
no wretched behavior
no seeds to be planted
no conscious no savior
no wish reprimanded
no spirit uncanny
no view too outlandish
no questioning can he
no vague disadvantage
no ribbons for branches
no thoughts left to seize
no fragrant advances
nobody wants these

pull me out
don't pull me up
Track Name: Crosseyed Variation
who is the pilot
that gives you so much sympathy
i'd never ask one city's fool
all bent and busted
relax the nerves that sicken you
it's ordinary yes it's true
i can't wash it out when the light's so blue

you build it in
you shoot it out
i don't know why you build it in before you shoot it out

fortified wine
sippin up on yours cause i've got mine
you won't see anything this time
but if there's a crosseyed variation
you won't see mirages clearly enough
but you know i never think about that stuff
Track Name: Don't Need It
i'm still elusive
when nobody is watching
i let the light through
when nothing else shining

where were you
when they untied the horses
when they positioned their change in their forces
and I'd gladly give you
any of my time
when you need it

days keep on slipping
through cold alluring fingers
make your mind up
and repress your every design

you're gonna go
and I know you'll be on your way
it's been nice what we've had by the way
you'll still be on the front of my mind
while I'm sitting in the back of yours
you're going to fly to find something to
cling onto and hope it means anything
but you know i'd be willing to take
any of your time
but I don't need it
Track Name: Trial Blinds
i'm wondering if the wheel's spinning out
and if the clouds will obey
far reaching from the nozzle to the spout
and every stop on the way
there are words that i hear when i shout
but i don't know what to say
the trial blinds keep knocking me out
and i'm hoping they stay

and i'm walking where the walls will come down
and i'm standing in the town where i'm found

i'm trying really hard to figure out
which way i'm supposed to go
but they'll never tell me what it's all about
and why the wait is so slow
now wait here i'm going to turn around the bend
and then i'll be out of your way
the trial blinds keep blocking me out
and i'm hoping that they'll stay